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There are three main types of garage-door openers (also known as garage door overheads), differentiated by the mechanical drive that lifts the door. The most common and least expensive garage-door openers use a chain looped around a rail. The quietest and most expensive models use a metal-reinforced rubber belt instead of the chain. Intermediate in cost and noise level are the screw-driven models, with a mechanism that moves up and down along a threaded steel rod. Experts say screw-driven units are powerful and, with the smallest number of moving parts, they can require the least maintenance. They are also a bit harder to find since there aren't as many of these models on the market. A newer technology using torsion springs are also available.

Garage Door Openers

Liftmaster is the #1 brand of professionally installed residential garage door openers. Unlike openers purchased from a retail hardware store it comes with a solid rail to prevent bending, a solid all around chain, and most important an in home warranty.

Garage Door Remotes

Mini 3 Button Remote Control Model # 370LM

Liftmaster Remote Mini
You are assured with a new code with every use. Every time you push the button the code automatically rolls over to any one of more than 100 billion new codes, never to be repeated. It call also open / close up to 3 garage doors, turn garage door opener lights on / off, and its small enough to fit in your pocket.

3 Button Remote Control Model # 373LM

Liftmaster 375LMl
It can operate up to 3 garage doors or gates, and/or turn your garage door opener lights on/off. You can also use it as an extra remote control to turn on lights or small appliances inside your home – all from the comfort of your car. It features Security+® rolling code technology that sends a brand new code every time it is used. One 5-year 3-volt battery is included.

Garage Door Keypads

Multi-Function Control Panel

78LM Control Panel
Control your garage door and opener lights with the LiftMaster® Multi-Function Control Panel. It can turn opener lights on/off from inside the garage, and includes an adjustable light timer and illuminated push button for added convenience. And as with all LiftMaster control panels, rest assured that all outside remote control radio signals are locked out while you're away.

Wireless Keyless Entry with Billion Code

Liftmaster 66LMl
Access your garage and home without the use of a key or a remote control. The LiftMaster® Wireless Keyless Entry with Billion Code can open your garage door using a code that you program directly into the unit. It is for use with older 390MHz LiftMaster garage door openers.

Wireless Keyless Entry System

Wireless Keyless Entry 2
Access your garage and home without the use of a key or a remote control. The LiftMaster® Security+® Wireless Keyless Entry can open your garage door using a code that you program directly into the unit. There is also a temporary password option that enables family, friends, or service people to enter the garage/your home without giving them your personal code.

Surge Protector

Surge Protector
A little protection now can go a long way later. The LiftMaster® Garage Door Opener Surge Protector can help protect your investment from a sudden power surge, or if lightning strikes. including the AC power line, control panel and The Protector System® safety sensors Maximum surge current is 16,000 AMPS, provides a 5- year warranty on your garage door opener from being damaged by power surges and/or nearby lightning strikes.


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