Garage Door Maintenance Orlando

There are some common problems with both garage doors and garage door openers that can be repaired with ease. In terms of garage door repair, it is often as simple as making sure the track is straight, well lubricated, and clean. Sometimes the garage door itself and its mechanisms might not be the issue, but rather the garage door opener that is having an issue. It is one of the handiest gadgets you can have, and generally consists of a reversible motor that drives a carriage along a rail above the door. A drawbar is attached to this carriage, allowing to door to move within a confined track to opened and closed positions. A relay or reversing switch allows you to switch directions on the door, from open to close and back again.

The motor unit should be attached to the rail on the garage door per the kit instructions you received (while many people choose to do this procedure via an at home kit that is a do it yourself one, you might choose to have a professional install it for you). After attaching the rail, life the motor assembly to the point where the rail is horizontal or parallel with the door track. Make sure that the door can be raised and lowered, and that the rail location does not interfere with the door’s movement before attaching it to the garage joists. The drawbar is next attached to the rail carriage, and then adjustments can be made to make sure that everything can run smoothly.

In order to install the garage door opener, the mechanism must be attached to the center of the door. This placement can be determined by using a simple tape measure. The drawbar will be attached on this line, so that the door weight will be evenly balanced out at the lift point. The door should be raised and lowered in order to observe the outer limits of its travel points. You should inspect the area above your garage door at the vertical dividing line as well to find support for attaching the front end of the rail. If you cannot find a proper support, a front mounting board can be added.

After all of the adjustments have been made, you are ready to install the radio receive and manual push button. The drive assembly cord can then be plugged into an extension cord, and the garage door opener can be turned on. This is a simple example of a type of garage door maintenance that can be useful in your garage for years to come.


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